On the other hand, perhaps you'll transform your bedroom into a retreat for some romantic weekend getaways. With the economy the way it is, more people are traveling less and enjoying their homes more! Be creative, add some pizzazz! Bedroom remodeling can include whirlpool tubs, french doors, mirrored wardrobes, a fireplace and any other elegant upgrades perfect for a luxurious private retreat.
There are many affordable ways to maximize your home's liveability. A personal favorite of mine is creating a home gym and sauna. This is perfect for many retiring baby boomers. I never knew until my wife told me that you could lose 3 pounds from 15 minutes in the sauna! It totally detoxifies the body.
Every little bit counts!
Our home gym has mirrored walls, crown moldings, french doors a ceiling fan and a flat screen TV.
My wife loves it! She's got her stationary bicycle, teadmill, ab lounge, abcoaster, totalgym and pilates stuff in there. It's such a comfortable room, she actually uses all her equipment! She can keep her french doors open on cool summer nights while she works out. That room's part of her daily routine now. What a bonus!
Looking for ways to economize? Economizing your home can save you thousands of dollars per year! Here are just a few practical tips that may help you save. Change the florescent ceiling lights throughout your home to new can lights that can accept energy- saving bulbs.Get rid of your old water heater tank and consider a tankless indoor/outdoor water heater system to save space and energy. Low-flush toilets, showerheads and ceiling fans are another way to save money. Consider energy efficient windows too. Tired of cleaning carpet? Consider laminate flooring. It's easy to clean and maintain and is less expensive to install than tile.
For maximizing space, consider corner niches in kitchens for keeping mixers and blenders out of the way. Shelves that slide are a great item found at the Home Depot
Space expanders, chrome fixtures, robe & towel hooks, skylights & wall sconces are great for warm appeal.
Glass doors & blocks can create spacious appeal.
To increase our property value (back when it was the thing to do), my wife and I had solar panels installed. It was probably the best investment for us since we live in a hot area and use the air conditioner quite alot. Our monthly bill is practically nill to none which these days, really helps alot!
Need a little curb appeal? Beautifying your front door entrance is another way to add value to your home especially if you are trying to sell. Try a new front door with beveled glass panes, some budget pavers, a fountain, maybe some pillars, flowers, an elegant address sign and malibu lights; thery're simple and affordable.